Top 10 Funny Parenting Videos

When setting out to start this blog I meant to include regular doses of humor. However, I’ve fallen behind, having only written two articles thus far with a humorous slant. So, I thought I’d try to make up some ground by sharing my top 10 funny youtube videos with a parenting or child theme (they are ordered by how much they amuse me, from least to most).

#10 Baby laughing (it gets old but the first few moments are cute)

#9 Star wars according to a three year old (the funny line comes at the end)

#8 Irish girl Becky makes a prank call

#7 Babies and fathers:

#6 Smarty pants dance:

#5 Tim Hawkins on parenting

#4 David after the dentist:

#3 Mark Scharenbroic on hobby parents:

#2 My nominee for best commercial with a parenting theme (touching with the laugh at the end):

#1 (drum roll)

William Tell Overture mom:

I’d enjoy learning about other funny videos with a child or parenting theme.

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